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January 26, 2013
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GermanyxReader: Mistletoe Crisis


       If you don’t like sappy/cliché reader inserts with happy endings, then feel free to browse the angst section! This is not the fanfic for you! Other than that, there’s nothing bad in it.

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya

You sighed, checking off another day on your tropical island calendar. That single-palm-tree island mocked you, commented on your inability to express your feelings to him. “Shut your face palm tree island! I don’t need your advice!”

“________, are you Okay?”

You heard a tap on your door. Whirling around, you were relieved to see that the door was still closed and he hadn’t seen you arguing with your calendar. “I’m fine, just reading out loud.” you called.

Scrambling to grab a book, you managed to find one and flip to a random page just as the door opened. Ludwig poked his head in the partially opened door, and frowned at what you were ‘reading’. “Why are you reading out of your phone book?”

Looking down, you saw the ‘W’ section of your contact list. Cursing yourself for not keeping smart-person books lying around, you hesitantly replied, “Because…I need to memorize phone numbers?”

He glanced suspiciously at the empty page in your ‘book’ and back up at your face. “Well, alright. Just to let you know, I am going to be off work tomorrow.” He coughed nervously. “So, you know…if you want to do anything…I’ll be um….available.”

You’re pretty sure that turning bright red wasn't in his usual nature. You had gone through his agenda (which had AT LEAST a page for every day) and had already known he was going to be off. But you didn't plan for the fact he might be sick. “Ludwig, you don’t look too good. Are you feeling alright?”

His face turned a darker shade of red. “Just fine!” he shouted. He slammed the door and you could hear him stomping off down the hall.

You sent a last withering glare at the island picture and climbed into your (f/c) sheets. Snuggling down, you closed your eyes and tried to sleep. This was a little hard with the light still on. Cursing the palm tree island, (because it was always its fault) you climbed out of your warm bed, walked over to the door, and shut the light off. After banging your shin on several objects that moved when the light turned off, you finally got back to your warm comforter. ‘Tomorrow, I’ll put my plan into action.’ You thought as you drifted into sleep.


You woke up to the wonderful sound of your alarm clock blaring in your ear and bright sunlight shining on your face. Temporarily blinded, you tried to shut off your ringing death trap. Knocking it to the floor, you cursed the palm tree island and yanked the plug out of the socket. By this point, you were hanging over the side of the bed, winded from your early clock/vs./half-asleep-person fight. Sighing, you pulled yourself back into your bed and wrapped the covers around your head. Maybe it was early enough that you could still get some sleep. Rolling over, you weren’t surprised to find a warm, Italian-shaped bundle sleeping next to you. You had invited Feliciano to sleep in your bed instead of Ludwig’s, hoping that the German would get jealous of the hyper Italian. To your disappointment, he had just thanked you and walked away.

       Remembering that you had a plan for the day, you forced yourself to get up. Getting out of bed, (a.k.a. falling on the floor) you crawled over to your dresser and grabbed the first pair of clothes you could find. Your eyes still closed, you wandered blindly over to your door. Grasping the handle, you pulled it open with more force than necessary. Right on your foot. “Holy sweet mother of a Chex with milk! PALM TREE ISLAND!!!”

       Your clothes in one hand and your foot in the other, you hopped out into the hall and strait into a wall. A warm, manly brick wall. Wait… “I heard you shout, is everything alright?”

       Looking up, you were met with the face of personified smexyness. Realizing what a compromising situation you were in, your face proceeded to catch fire. You put your hands on his chest (OMFG, how was he that ripped?!? Oh mah gawd…) and pushed off of him, stumbling to the ground. Apparently, his hair gel was too thick to have anything get through to him; he looked confused as to why your legs had suddenly malfunctioned and then he crouched down to help you up. Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depending on how you saw it) your legs had splayed open when you fell, and the space in between them was currently occupied by Ludwig, who seemed to be getting the situation now. He fell backwards in his attempt to get away and sat there, face red.

       After gaping like a fish for a few seconds, you came to your senses. Grabbing your clothes, you jumped up onto your feet (ouch, that still hurt) and ran around the traumatized country sitting on the floor. Reaching the bathroom door, you swung it open (narrowly missing your head) and shut yourself in. Sighing, you dropped your clothes and leaned up against the sink. “Well, that could have gone better. Thanks a lot palm tree island.”

       Remembering it wasn’t normal to argue with islands, you banished those thoughts and turned on the shower. You had a long day ahead of you, and you weren’t about to blow it yet.


After a refreshing shower and a quick brush through your hair, you skipped/fell down the stairs and into the kitchen. Feliciano had gotten up sometime while you were in the bathroom and was standing in front of the stove. Wearing only his Italian flag boxers. Ludwig was going to flip when he got down here. Looking up from the frying pan, Feliciano waved. “Boun giorno ________! I’m making pancakes!”

Smiling, you sat at the table. “Sounds wonderful Feli! You always make the best food!”

Feliciano giggled. “Grazie bella! I’m glad you like my cooking.”

He hummed and went back to flipping pancakes. Looking out the window, you watched the flakes drift past. It was December 20th, almost Christmas time! If you didn’t do it today, you might not have another chance. This was the only free day before you and the Axis flew out to the Christmas party at Alfred’s place. Sighing seemed to be a new habit of yours as you rested your head in your hands. Footsteps on the stairs made you look up.

He wore a casual pair of jeans and a white shirt that showed off his arm muscles nicely. As he reached the bottom of the stairs, he noticed you sitting at the table. “Guten Morgen ______.” He greeted warmly. You shot him a smile that was quickly returned.

Said smile disappeared instantly the second he saw Feliciano. Ludwig sent a glare at the half-naked Italian making breakfast. “Feliciano…what are you doing down here without a shirt on?”

You could almost hear him straining not to yell as Feliciano responded cheerily, “Well, I woke up in ___________’s room and I didn’t want to go into my room because it’s so scary and dark, so I just came down here to make breakfast!”

Ludwig sighed and sat down in the seat across from you. “Fine, fine. But next time, just wear a shirt.”

Feliciano saluted with the wrong hand. “Sir, yes sir!”

He turned back to the stove and began stacking pancakes on various plates. Thirsty, you walked over to the fridge and admired the many drink choices inside. “Yo, Luddy, you want anything to drink?”

“Nien, I’m fine.”

“How about you, Feliciano? You want something?”

“Some orange juice please!”

You grabbed the carton of orange juice and (fav/juice). Getting two glasses down from the cabinet, you noticed Kiku walking in. “Good morning Kiku. Would you like something to drink?”

Smiling, Kiku bowed slightly. “Good morning ________-san. And no thank you, I do not require anything to drink.”

“Suit yourself.”

       You shrugged as you poured the juice. You were surprised you hadn't spilt it all over the floor yet. Maybe this was your lucky day. You hoped so; you would need all the luck you could get. By the time you set the drinks down, Feliciano had finished the pancakes. Looking at a plate that would make Canada jealous, you decided that today was a pretty good day. Pouring syrup all over the delectable cakes, you and the Axis shared a warm, friendly breakfast on a cold, December day.


It was time. Ludwig had gone out to put up lights on the porch, Feli was taking a siesta and Kiku was on the computer. Now was when your brilliant plan was ready to be put into action. Running up the stairs, you dashed into your room. You opened up your sock drawer and took out a lumpy, bright pink sock. ‘Why do I even have pink socks?’ you wondered as you drew a small green box from the inside of the mysterious sock. Sending a warning glance at your calendar, you skipped out your door and raced (or fell, that works too) down the stairs.

You frolicked into the kitchen (the only casualty being the picture frame next to the lamp) and set the box on the table. Cracking your knuckles, you opened up the cupboard and began taking out your weapons of choice. Rolling pin, cookie cutters, baking pan, mixing bowls, happiness, sprinkles, a large sharpened knife……wait. Looking at the knife in your hand, you frowned and put it back. Wrong plan.

After placing everything on the counter, you grabbed a bag of flour, (which put up quite a struggle) the eggs, (which you had to put on an oven glove. Why eggs are in a circular shape, you’ll never know) milk, (that didn’t cause too many problems, although it still looks suspicious…) and the sugar. You had no idea what else people needed for cookies, but you were sure Ludwig would know. Clapping your hands together, you grabbed the last thing you needed.

       The two aprons now lay draped across one of the chairs; your (f/c) one and Ludwig’s pink one. This plan was fool-proof. You knew Ludwig loved baking (though he’d never admit it) and this plan would attract him like a moth to a bright light. “One last thing…” you muttered to yourself as you grabbed the box and a nearby chair.


I stepped off of the ladder and admired my handiwork. I knew how much ________ loved (f/c), so I bought some specially made lights just for her. I put the step-ladder away and ran my hand through my slick, blonde hair. The lights cast a cheery glow on the drifts of white, and the glistening mistletoe in the center was the perfect touch.

I don’t remember when I first started liking _______, but I suppose it doesn’t matter now. I had been planning this day for weeks, and I wasn’t about to give up now. All I had to do was get her to come outside, which shouldn’t be too hard. ________ loved the snow, and she’d probably leap at the chance to see the new lights. I smiled as I walked over to the door. This was going to be a piece of cake.


Stepping off the chair, you admired the spring of mistletoe, hanging by a thin, golden ribbon. You had everything planned perfectly. You would lead him into the kitchen, luring him with promises of baking, and stop right in front of the window. There, you would gasp dramatically and point to the mistletoe above you two. Then, your motion-detecting camera (which you had borrowed from Kiku) would start recording, simultaneously taking pictures as you two kissed in front of the frost-tinted window. It was all perfect. You skipped out toward the front door. This was going to be a piece of cake.

As you walked into the living room, you were surprised to find Ludwig there too, shrugging off his thick, winter coat. He saw you come in and gave you one of the biggest smiles you have ever seen him wear. Perfect; he was in a good mood. This would make your plan even easier. You put on a grin to match the Cheshire cat’s and bounded over to him.


Perfect; she was in a good mood. This might be easier than expected. I watched her skip up and give me a quick hug. “Finished with the lights already?” she asked.

I chucked, actually chuckled, and ruffled her hair. Geez, I was getting soft. “Yeah, just finished actually. Would you like to see them?”


You waved your hand dismissively. “I’m sure they’re beautiful. I’ll go see them later. I have something I need to show you!”

He frowned. “If we don’t check them now, it’ll be too dark to fix anything.”

You groaned, tugging him toward the kitchen. “The lights will look prettier in the dark. Besides, we have tomorrow morning to fix them.” You sighed exasperatedly.

You only needed to get him to the kitchen and then he’d be defenseless! But apparently, he had other plans. His face was almost a glare as he pulled his arm out of your grasp. He got behind you and started pushing you towards the door. “We have to pack tomorrow; today’s the only day we have to set them up!”

You turned and faced him, your hands locking with his as you pushed him back toward the kitchen. “Come on! We already have a tree, and the lights probably look fine!”

He growled, pushing you backwards. Curse the palm tree island; you forgot that he was stronger than you. But you had planned this day for far too long to give up now. Gritting your teeth, you pushed him back in a surprising show of strength. He was stunned for a second, but quickly regained balance and counter-pushed. This was it, now or never. He was slowly forcing you to the door. One…last…chance…


Your heads whipped around. Standing right beside you ,as though nothing was out of place, was Kiku. Neither of you wanted to give up ground, so you remained in the position you were in, though your arms relaxed slightly. Maybe you could throw him off balance by somehow pushing him in a way that- “I’m very sorry to disturb you, but I felt it was necessary to inform you that you are standing under the mistletoe.”

You both froze. This wasn’t part of the plan. You looked at him; he looked at you. Slowly, you raised your heads in sync. There, tied off with a red ribbon, was a sprig of mistletoe. You looked at Kiku. He bowed. “Once again, sorry to disturb you.”

As he stood up, he looked you in the eye and winked, a sly grin on his face. That sneaky ninja. He must have known all along. You looked back at Ludwig to find him staring at you. As he gazed at you, you noticed something. He was wearing a shirt. You also noticed that your hands were still locked together. Deciding it would be in your best interest to remove your hands, you tried to pull them out of his. Ludwig noticed, but kept holding on to you. Just as you were about to ask him to release your hands before he crushed them, he pulled you forward.

You were so close your chests were almost touching. Looking into his brilliant blue eyes, your inner fangirl went wild, throwing things around and screaming like a maniac. Your body seemed to have become incapable of moving, and you were pretty sure your brain had experienced a major error in the processing department. You could hear Kiku getting out his camera, and what sounded like Feliciano whispering to him.

Any other details instantly vanished the second the cupped your face with his hand. If he didn’t hurry up, you’d probably faint from all this excitement. As his calloused hand slid over your smooth features, he closed his eyes and leaned in. Some ancient instinct in the back of your mind told you that now was a good time to kiss him. You leaned forward and closed your eyes, hoping your lips found their mark.

They did.

If you could describe this feeling with only one word, you’d have to ask the Webster’s Dictionary if they could come up with some better descriptive words. Fireworks and other explosives were going off inside of your stomach. If love had a taste, it’d probably taste like wurst and beer. Your hands somehow found their way around his neck, and you could feel his on your waist. From what you could hear, Kiku was madly snapping pictures and Feliciano was dancing around cheering. Not that any of that mattered.

Lungs are a cruel joke to humankind. They’re probably in alliance with the palm tree islands. And unfortunately for you, you had lungs, and so did he. Naturally, this meant that you had to breathe regularly. Your regular breathing schedule had been interrupted by smexy German times, and your lungs were not happy.

As you broke apart, he leaned over and whispered in your ear, “Ich liebe dich.”

Remembering your mandatory German classes, you whispered back, “Ich liebe dich auch.”

“I want a kiss too!”

Your confession was interrupted by an energetic Italian tackling you two to the ground. You laughed and pushed him away. “Sorry Feli, my kisses are reserved for Luddy only, but you can still have a hug.”

Feliciano squealed and glomped you. Giggling, you saw Ludwig glaring at the Italian. You grabbed the German’s hand and pulled him into the hug as well. Looking up from the floor, you offered a hand to Kiku. “Care to join?” you asked.

He looked almost scared as he held up a hand and took a step back. “No thank you ________, I value my personal space.”

       “But you silly, everyone likes hugs!” Feliciano shouted as he jumped up.

       Running over to the panicking Japanese man, he dragged him over to you and Ludwig and pulled him down into the makeshift dog pile. You laughed and threw an arm around Kiku. He hesitated, but eventually held you back. As you all lay in one big, happy pile on the floor, Feliciano looked up at you. “Hey ________, can I still sleep in your bed?”

       Before Ludwig could get enough air to shout at him, you replied, “Of course! You can have the whole room! I’ll be sleeping with Luddy from now on.”

       Ludwig’s face went blank. You probably just broke him. As Feliciano laughed and Kiku snapped another picture, you cuddled up against Ludwig’s chest. Best. Day. Ever.

       Thank you palm tree island.
A contest entry for this epic group: :iconwritersofhetalia:

The theme was mistletoe, so sorry if it's a little behind. I had to make it before Christmas XD

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
You belong to Germany!
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